I took the loop last evening

I took the loop last evening.

There were sufficient credits for the day thanks to my new role as a data-shaper. So I felt like splurging for once.
As expected the loop was mostly empty. Traveling from one donut-city to another is not something most can afford. As the wisdom goes “The Donut you are born in, is the Donut you die in.” Also, just a single journey on the loop can create such a large carbon footprint! My fore-guardians would have trembled in horror.

I also did something more strange. On a whim, I sharded my Day-Log. It was a strange feeling just after doing that. A thought that crossed me was “Why should my sisters and brothers know what I did in a given day?”. Such a crazy thought and a crazier action!

Anyways, I don’t think it is such a big deal sharding one’s Log. Neither my Twin nor the OverSeer would care. Moreover, no one would have even imagined sharding a Log.

While having my supperliments some time ago, I remembered my great-guardian (or grampy as they used to call in those days). He used to rant and rant about the new constitution mandating the citizen to record a Day-Log onto Akashic Records. Before I go relax myself for the day I will remember and jot down my interactions with him – on the shard.

My grandad was born in the year 2042 - just a few years before the second Corona. Unlike the first one, which wiped out 112 million humans, the second Corona wiped out all data storage devices. The first one was due to a biological virus. It is debated whether the second one was due to a virus or due to Coronal ejection from the Sun.

It was my grampy who encouraged me to become a farmer. That way I get to work with data all day. He always used to say that the Geonet he grew up with is not the same Geonet that we are currently connected to. Sure the second Corona did reset the world, but it is not plausible that the Geonet changed after the blackouts.

He did record the Logs. Instead of doing it on the net like a normal person, he preferred doing it with a pen and paper - physical pen and physical paper, the ones we can see in preservatories. What a caveman!

When he was my age, he worked on something called National Asset Registry. Think of it as a primitive Akashic Record. Now that the concepts of Nations or Assets are obsolete, he would have gotten benched had he born in my generation.

I have gone through his Logs. It is mostly hate speech against the net, records, donuts, credits, footprints and ambient computation. He also had some rants against asset registry and how it impinges on privacy.

Such a funny man! How would your Twin or the OverSeer know what you want if you don’t give it openness?

Randomly picked one of his very few Logs from the net. I quote:

“Privacy in intentions, thoughts and actions are paramount for the individuality, Asset Registry and digital currencies suspends privacy in economic interactions leading to a gradual chilling effect on other forms of privacy”.

Okay, that is rubbish. That sentence does not have any meaning that I can see. Privacy in economic interactions? What even does that even mean?

Is there a possibility it has something to do with Shadow-Credits? It is called Marno, or something.

I know it was kind of a big deal before the blackouts. There are rumors that Marno survived, due to it’s Chain being distributed widely. Was my grampy a Shadow-Man?

What if there are people who use Marno to take the loop, without decreasing credits or increasing footprint? My grampy would have loved Marno.

It is Not-Hour. I will put this Log to shard and go relax. Until next!

To be continued…

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