Is Monero the only crypto that acts the same as cash?

I am just learning everything I can right now but from what I understand Monero is the only crypto that acts the same as cash and cant be traced. At all. Or am I missing something?


That is a very good question. Ultimately it comes down to the topic of fungibility. If only shielded addresses are used, Zcash also acts like digital cash. How It Works | Zcash I know there are other privacy coins that also act like this, but they are mostly very small, like firo for example. Maybe we can make a list of all the “competitiors”. Always good to know what they are up to and if their approaches are worthwhile!


I like your attitude. Although a huge supporter of Monero, I think one ought always be looking objectively at other coins as well. I found Beam, in particular, to be an excellent project with a great team. It uses primarily Mimble-Wimble and Lelantus for its privacy features. I’d like to hear your thought on it at some point.


Do you know where I can find a comprehensive write-up comparing Beam to, say, Monero or Zcash? Or even Litecoin with MW?

IMO all of cryptocurrencies could benefit from something like the Breaking Monero series both as a general education tool and an opsec guide.

This article may be a start, though I am not sure how accurate it is.