What are symbols of freedom to you?

I think guns are very aesthetically pleasing machines. But sadly gun ownership is hard to attain for people that don’t live in the US. So maybe we can come up with other symbols of freedom, that people outside the US can acquire. For example 3D printers. :sweat_smile:

Monero and 3D printers.

There is a lot of value that can get unlocked if these two technologies are combined. Both of them are freedom enhancing technologies that naturally go together. We should spread knowledge about Monero in the 3D printing community and develop 3D printing skills in the Monero community. As a result both communities grow and we make new friends.

Monero and X?

What are symbols of freedom to you? 3D printers were the thing that came to mind first for me. But there are probably endless other things out there! Lets brain storm! :brain: :cloud_with_lightning:


lego is also one: spirobel (@spirobel): "this is beautiful. lego + 3Dprinter + Monero + guns"|nitter
You have the freedom to combine the blocks like you want and build something new.

@AnarkioCrypto made a logo for the concept of Monero and 3Dprinters.


We should make this a thing :sweat_smile: