What would you like to see in the Monero ecosystem?

Anything from merchants (e.g. Monero vouchers for cash, groceries, phone refills), platforms (e.g. freelancing, fundraising, escrows) or tools (e.g. tip bots, skip sync, hardware wallets). Post your ideas here, receive feedback and maybe find some devs, contributors or potential users.


I’d love to see more brick & mortar adoption, people using stuff like cryptogrampy’s HotShop for example. Easy onboarding for merchants who aren’t that tech-savvy.
Perhaps dedicated hardware for easily accepting payments, devices similar to debit/credit card PoS systems.

  • Browser wallet (MoneroMask?). This will make micropayments easier and will enable many new kinds of applications.
  • Alternative implementation of Monero Node. Without redundancy, one critical bug in cpp-monero may destroy entire ecosystem.
  • Standards organization. Bitcoin has BIPs, Ethereum has EIPs, Monero – ?
  • Second layer / sidechain with private smart contracts.

I like the first three ideas, but perhaps any sidechain / private smart contracts could be developed by a third party. The seemingly singular mission of private, fungible, digital cash is one of Monero’s strengths.